After 20 years creating decorative, etched glass, Moon Shadow Etchers, Inc. of Sandy, OR, states with confident conviction: "If it can be done with glass, we can do it."

Moon Shadow Etchers originated in 1977, riding the coat-tails of the blossoming home building market, producing custom etched glass for residential housing. Concentrating on designs for windows, doors, sidelights and cabinets, Moon Shadow Etchers quickly earned a reputation for quality and unique designs. In those days, the staff was cramped for space and made-do with simplistic, comparatively primitive, tools and equipment. From these humble beginnings, Moon Shadow Etchers evolved to a company known for quality products, delivered on time and priced fairly.

Today, Moon Shadow Etchers occupies a modern, 8,000 square foot facility that boasts some of the latest glass handling equipment and decorative processes. Tim Frasier owns the facility and operates it with his wife, Patty Fraiser. Additionally, Moon Shadow Etchers employs one sales person, four full-time employees and one part-time employee.

Whether working on an original piece or filling an order for one thousand duplicate panels, Moon Shadow Etchers applies the same high standards of workmanship and production control to every project. Frasier is philosophical about the driving mission of his business:

"The goal has always been to impress customers with what can be done with glass," says Frasier. "We're committed to working intimately with our customers, using glass to enhance their projects. We feel this really sets us apart from other designers and craftsmen."

Moon Shadow's primary business is large-format glass pieces for the architectural industry, serving window/door manufactures, city transit authorities and the custom residential market. Tim states his primary challenge is: "finding time to sleep at night" and "keeping up with everything." A good problem to have as far as problems go.

One of Moon Shadow Etchers' primary opportunities comes to them because of the versatility and consistency of IKONICS Imaging's line of photo resist film products. Specifically, the company has found great success with RapidMask and UltraPro Blue films.

Moon Shadow Etchers use both films for different applications, depending upon the project. For years, Frasier and his crew has taken IKONICS Imaging's films and made them their own, experimenting with them, testing their limits, discovering innovative ways of etching.

Moon Shadow Etchers can now accurately reproduce photographic images in glass. Using RapidMask High Tack, images are created on the surface of the glass, faithfully reproducing the shading and nuance of a black and white photograph with stunning effect. This depicted installation dramatically illustrates the potential for this process. These panels combine the photographic process with added color in the text areas to create a uniquely arresting display.

At present, Moon Shadow Etchers' exciting new project is creating beautiful panels for Portland Transit. The project is for a street car stop. Moon Shadow Etchers is etching 18 panels of glass for 6 stops of 19th Century vintage, nostalgic images of the area, including historical textual excerpts. This is Moon Shadow Etchers second street car project; and transit authorities across the country are now expressing interest.

"It's been crazy," Frasier says, satisfactorily. "We love to be busy; and we certainly are now."

With new equipment, Moon Shadow Etchers can handle just about any piece of glass with security and safety. From enormous window-walls to inserts for kitchen cabinet doors, they are set up to "handle it without hassles." Call Moon Shadow Etchers today at 503-668-6154 or email them at for more information.

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